About Robert B. Manning

This is the website of Robert Manning, artist, designer, innovator and provocateur. It contains a wide range of his work as an artist, designer and fabric printer.

His work speaks for itself, with an intensity of color and psychic perspective, a personification of line and an inference of a greater reality, beyond our normal consciousness.

Each work has its own story, whatever the medium. Comfort and decoration are not the end goal, struggle and exploration have been the guiding force, for better or worse.

Much of his current focus is on combining traditional methodologies with the constantly evolving technology and capabilities of today’s computer chips.

The world can overwhelm, with its terror and its beauty. We can only try to transmute these elements into a higher calling, and a deeper understanding of where we came from and where we may be going.

Follow links here to other websites and/or projects he is engaged in. If questions arise, either about his history or individual pieces, feel free to utilize the Contact portal.