Interior Designers

Behind this personal collection of designs, images, artwork and one-off fabric prints - is a capability for digital textile printing. Whereas you might enjoy my world of design, I offer a portal into this new option for expression. Any image, on any fabric – imagine the creative possibilities. Customized interiors utilizing evocative image and color on a wide range of fabrics, for a wide range of products. Replication of expensive art collections, displayed or integrated into a living room. Windows of exquisite silk pressed between glass, of unique, one of a kind imagery. Pillows, placemats, curtains and more.


PillowMy visual universe is meant to provoke and inspire. The fabric prints remain to be utilized, so they’re available for any of the applications mentioned above. My designs are available for purchase - a larger resolution image and exclusivity come with a designated price. Requests for prints, on art paper or fabric, are dealt with on a case by case basis. Questions are welcome!


See some examples of custom fabrics here